Karuna Worldwide (Karuna) is a new Caribbean based group, operating from the twin-island Republic of  Trinidad & Tobago.                        We hope to extend our reach from the West Indies to people across the globe, via the world wide web. 

Where open hearts meet open minds

We are a non-denominational & non-discriminatory group, focused on the universal co-creation of compassion for all beings. 

Our aim is to provide a safe space where interested persons can explore various life and spiritual paths with open hearts and open minds. We promote tolerance, love, positive thinking, life-balance, soul healing and the non-judgmental exploration of the metaphysical aspects of life.

At Karuna, we believe there is much to be gained by drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of multiple faiths, inspirational leaders, psychics, mediums, scientists, philosophers, poets, musicians and artists throughout history.  

With every advance in our understanding of the Universe and how best we can function within it,  our personal relationships and our collective life-experience will be enhanced on an emotional and spiritual level. 

The Meaning of Karuna (Karuṇā)


Karuna is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Translated into English it means 'Compassion', 'Empathy', 'Compassionate Action' or 'Compassion & Wisdom Combined'.

In Hinduism, Karuna is one of the Nine (9) Rasas or Basic Emotions. The principal meaning is 'Sadness', with 'Compassion' being the highest expression or experience of Karuna.  In order to attain this level of Karuna, we must rid ourselves of all self-centered forms of sadness & pity and replace it with genuine compassion for ourselves and others. 

In Buddhism, Karuna is described as any action taken to diminish the suffering of others.   

In Theravāda Buddhism, one can attain a happy life and heavenly re-birth by dwelling in karuna.

In Mahāyāna Buddhism, Karuna is one of two qualities one must cultivate on the path to becoming a Bodhisattva.

In Jainism, Karuna or "Thinking of Compassion" is one of the Sixteen Bhavanas (reflections or contemplations).

Our Prayer 

 May we all, on some level, make a vow to live more compassionate lives                                                                                    In an effort to liberate not only ourselves but our fellow man.