Blanc de Blancs

This precious love for you
Deeper and deeper
Into my earth.

Tap roots of empathy
Draw compassion
From every beat of my heart.

It nourishes my soul
With a fire that burns

I turn to your warmth
It strengthens me.

I look to the evening skies
The only reminder I have
Of the beauty in your eyes.

Sunset hues
Orange, pink, purple and gold.

Flesh and wood and stone
Trap and hold.

But the seeds of my Spirit break free
Scatter, disperse
Into your horizon
Every particle of you
Now part of me.

I cherish you as my own
Your very presence
Makes me whole.

No distance
Nor time
Can separate thee.

All I have
I offer

A safe place to catch your tears
Like rain
I use them, to water my despair.

They bear me great vines
The Queen of Grapes
This Chardonnay.

I press and dance it
Into fine wines
Of healing faith.

Blanc de Blancs
A taste of something true
Deeper and deeper grows
This precious love for you.

© 2013 Sheena Serrão. All Rights Reserved.