Love is the Spiritual Cord

Love is the spiritual cord,
That ties me to you.
Severed in any place, it will only grow anew.

If this lifetime be my last,
May my love live on,
Like a seed in your soul.

Long after I’m gone,
When sadness bears down
And your world turns cold,
Or the tears
In the fabric of your heart
Won’t heal on their own,
The light of the Divine
Will shine its way through,
And my roots will spring forth
Strong enough to anchor in you,
A comfort that will deepen,
Then rise up inside,
Like the nine choirs of angels,
Singing your sorrows into the sky.

We will meet once more,
On the shores of your dreams.

A kiss upon the eyelids,
And your sacred heart
Will awaken to see, 
Love is the spiritual cord, 
That ties you to me. 

© 2014 Sheena Serrão. All Rights Reserved.