New Moon. New Journey.

Find Your Compass

By Sheena Serrão
Posted on July 23rd, 2017

It’s a New Moon in Leo today, and with it comes the publishing of my New Blog, "En Route To Compassion" on this website, my passion project, Karuna Worldwide. The fog that’s been hovering in my mind for the last seven months has finally begun to clear, and I am so grateful. I’ve been contemplating what my next creative effort would be, since the latter part of 2016, and my energies have been slowly brewing since, bubbling up here and there, but not quite coming to a boil. 

I have been distracted, mentally and emotionally. Torn in many directions. And with every turn to face each energy that has confronted me, I’ve kicked up the dust of old memories, old thoughts, and old habits. 

Between the months of April and June, it felt like I had come up against a desert storm of my own making. I partially succumbed to it in May, energetically collapsing. I gave myself permission to detach from a world whirring with negativity, pain and utter disappointment. “This too shall pass,” I told myself. “But for now, I sleep. For now, I rest. For now, I get back to neutral. Back to some semblance of sanity”

I “woke up” somewhere along June, feeling better but not fully recovered. I was more hopeful at the start of July, yet still I had reason to look back in deep confusion and intrigue at what had transpired up until this point, and what my role had been in the co-creation of my reality. Most people would not have been aware of any struggles of mine, of course, because I only share these experiences with a precious, trusted few. Like many of us do. But I do still enjoy myself when I can, because I am a firm believer that there are always things to laugh about, and there are always people and moments that deserve to be cherished, so I make myself as present as I can be for these occasions.  

But here we are, and now anyone reading this will know, that much of my 2017 has thus far felt like a s***-show, offering me experiences far below my new year’s expectations. But the lessons, oh, the lessons I have learned. They have set me upon a new journey to achieve a strength of character and spirit I have long hoped for. This my darlings, is the crux of the issue I am writing about today. The heart of the matter. The kernel of truth borne out of chaos. It is the thing we are aware of, and yet we choose to deny, because it is a painful truth. And what is this truth? It is that we must hold ourselves accountable for our actions and our in-actions, for the things we say and all the things we do not. 

When we hold ourselves fully accountable, unafraid of our truth, however messy, we can better withstand the harsh judgments and misunderstandings of people around us. Because if we are brave enough, and resolute enough, the mirror we hold up to ourselves will show us the whole truth. A truth other people cannot hide from us. It is our responsibility to search within ourselves for any veils and rose-tinted lenses of denial and to lift them off. If we do this, we will very quickly become aware of the negative cycles and patterns in our lives. We must be willing to look squarely at our trauma-stained reflection and say, “I am ready to heal”. I say trauma-stained because, let's face it, a life fully lived brings with it any number of traumatic experiences in love, family, career and health. You name it. The level and type of trauma is subjective of course.

When you feel like the Universe and the people around you are presenting you with less-than-ideal scenarios, your work is to identify the part you have played, what you have tolerated, what you have accepted, and why. This is not only about them, it is also about you. You’ve been brought to this very moment for a reason. An opportunity has presented itself for you to continue down a familiar road, or to change course. 

What other people do, think and believe affects their own soul, more than our own. Same goes for you. It is not our place to correct or change the heart and conduct of another by force or manipulation. But it is our place to care for our own heart and watch over our own conduct. To engage with one another from a place of compassion and empathy wherever and whenever we can. To be mindful of the energy we bring to a situation, and the energy we leave trailing behind us. Because similar energies will gravitate toward that trail, long after we have moved on, and they will follow us at their own pace. The goal is to reckon with ourselves and do the work required, so that when they catch up to us, we can meet them with hard-won wisdom and a fresh perspective. To greet an old energy that no longer serves us with understanding and insight serves to transmute that energy. To alchemize it into something beneficial for all involved. 

Find that spiritual ground of integrity and compassion, and with genuine intentions plant your feet firmly so that temptation, though it may sway your branches and tousle your leaves during the greatest of trials, never un-roots you. We are human and prone to failure.  We are forever learning, observing things from different angles at a time. Oftentimes multiple souls will traverse through our lives to teach us multiple versions and aspects of the same lesson. May we have compassion for them beneath any feelings of anger, distrust, betrayal or sadness, because the Universe has drawn us all in, and we are all working with what we have.

I say this gently, but seriously - you will make mistakes, but you must forgive yourself. And whenever possible, extend that forgiveness and healing to others, to the people who have hurt you or those you may have hurt or accidentally trampled on in times of strife or confusion. Even if the only way you can do this is in meditation and prayer, it will help clear any heavy and residual energy, I assure you. You must also find the power within the core of your being to change, and to become a better version of yourself. Because you cannot carry the old version of yourself to new places without causing unnecessary delays and suffering.

With this New Moon, may we initiate our return to the original and immortal light within ourselves and hold it up high. May it shine brightly along our path and serve as a trusted guide, as we explore our new way forward. 

With Love,