The Lakes of Shangri-La

I want to pour my passion,
In the lakes of Shangri-La,
And bathe your resting feet.

Hold them gently in my hands,
Where the land and water meet.

Speak to you softly,
Of all the places,
This weary heart has been.

My streams of compassion,
Reach for you,
The way salty tears
From cyan blue eyes,
Unite upon the chin.

I soak my heart in pain,
That I might fill it with your sweet.
Kiss your lashes,
With Jasmine lips,
Caress your sun-burnt cheeks.

Lay your head,
In my lap of devotion,
As my fingers,
Comb through your hair.

Swim into,
And through,
My love,
And I will meet you there.

© 2013 Sheena Serrao. All Rights Reserved.