The Meditation

Witness in silence,
Great and powerful man.
Beautiful, strong.
Brave and mighty stance.

An Aurora Borealis,
Burns inside,
His translucent chrysalis.
He slips into a trance.

Silver ropes,
Appear in either hand,
As the spheres,
Of this world and the worlds beyond,

One from the Heavens,
The umbilical cord,
Of the Divine.

With the left,
His muscles taut,
He prays pages,
From the Book of Life.

Right fist, clenched,
He uproots her arteries.
Mountains split in half.
Ouranos weeps.

Each foot a continent,
Great powers crushed beneath,
The soles.

Earthquakes reverberate,
Frayed ends bursting.

Head leaning back,
Trapezius curved,
Like the horizon of the Earth.

The roars of strength,
Soar into the ether,
Hurtle past,
Venus, Mercury, and Mars,
Like a meteor shower,
Of shooting stars.


His knees bend to the force.
Frightful blaze,
The re-connection,

Pure white light.
The magnificence,
Fills the atmosphere,
So bright.

Like the Crystal Child,
Of the Universe,
The invocation of Spirits, 

They bow in unison, 
Eyes open the door,
To descendants,
Present, future,
Ancestors, past.

Facing the One,
The Source.
The First.
The All.

The Forever.
The Last. 

© 2013 Sheena Serrao. All Rights Reserved.